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Seminario Dr. Adèle Cassigneul: Orlando's Playful Images - 4/06/2021

Pubblicato: Giovedì 27 maggio 2021 da Teresa Prudente

Venerdì 4 giugno, h. 16-19, si svolgerà un seminario collegato all'insegnamento di Letteratura inglese C e aperto a tutti/e gli/le interessati/e.

Dr. Adèle Cassigneul (Université Toulouse 2 - Jean Jaurès)

Orlando's Playful Images: Woolf and Photo-cinematography

Adèle Cassigneul will delve into V. Woolf’ relationship with images, with photo-cinematography in particular, to explore Orlando. A Biography’s use of illustration. We shall see how Woolf’s intermedial montage reflects her concerns with inheritance (conventional portraiture) and modernity (vernacular photography), but also how, by making the text and images play hide-and-seek, she questions and unsettles the concept of identity, of ontology, by subverting gender norms and celebrating becoming.

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