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Patrimoni, festival, archivi: pratiche musicali e performative di tradizione orale nel XXI secolo

Heritage, Festivals, Archives. Music and performing practices of oral tradition in the XXI Century

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SH5_5 - Music and musicology
20/01/2020 - 20/07/2024
Ilario Meandri

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This proposal addresses the issue of change in music of oral tradition, investigating the process of “heritagization” along two lines:
1) ethnographic research, investigating contemporary processes of festivalization, musealization, mediation, verifying their impact on the cultures of origin;
2) archives, evaluating their role in the present context including possibilities given by digitization and the interoperability between data bases created with linked open data.

Ethnography of Roma “La Sapienza” stresses a comparative perspective encompassing Campania, the Spanish Cantabria and Southeast Asia; Cagliari the diachronic perspective, and an interdisciplinary approach that includes also experts in art music; Florence focusing on the relation between musical practices of oral tradition and urban soundscapes. The unit of Torino will develop interconnection among the archives of the four units creating a protocol through the Open Linked Data applied to the domain of ethnomusicology. Impact of the project on the scientific and social fields will be also the collaboration with local institutions (museums, agencies, schools) in the perspective of dialogic anthropology and of the “restitution” of research results to local communities.

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